Democracy and Reading Groups??

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In the big picture, reading groups represent the foundations of democracy! Yes, I said it! Many people across the world aren't allowed to read what they want. Even if they manage to read an unauthorized book; they won't be able to discuss with anyone else. Reading groups offer conversation without any pressure from outside, in that, members can share ideas about anything -- the book, the author, how the book opens up to member's lives, regional issues, national issues, and world issues. I love that! Self-identity and real community and cultural awareness and discourse. Who knew your group is so crucial for the nation!  

I recently read about the National Reading Summit Conference in Canada. Writers, editors, librarians, booksellers, and policy-makers from other nations will speak about their countries' reading program with Canadians delegates. Canada is in the process of setting Canada's national reading program -- Becoming a reader is at the very heart of responsible citizenship!" Bravo for Canda coming on board.  

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