Teaser Tuesday 2/23 Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

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Have been waiting for this ARC to come -- have heard lots of good things about Angelology by Danielle Trussoni! I read her memoir, Falling Through the Earth, four years ago -- excellent!




I will start this book tonight so I will grab the first paragraph (I was going to do the first two sentences but wow -- I have to finish the paragraph!) Angelology released on March 9.

Devil's Throat Cavern, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Winter 1943

The angelolists examined the body. It was intact, without decay, the skin as smooth and white as parchment. The lifeless aquamarine eyes gazed heavenward. Pale curls fell against a high forehead and sculptural shoulders, forming a halo of golden hair. Even the robes -- the cloth woven of a white shimmering metallic material that none of them could identify exactly -- remained pristine, as if the creature had died in a hospital room in Paris and not a cavern deep below the earth.



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That is a great opening

That is a great opening paragraph! I hope the rest of the book lives up to it! Enjoy!


What a great teaser! May have to add that to my TBR list.

Oh this sounds soo

Oh this sounds soo intriguing!! I love this teaser tuesday!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

That really gets straight to

That really gets straight to the point doesn't it! Really good teaser

great teaser

What a great start to a book. It catches the attention right away!

What an opening - and in the

What an opening - and in the middle of the Second World War! I feel sad for the poor dead angel though!

Thanks for stopping by my teaser! My link is here:


I really want to read this.

I really want to read this. Great teaser!

Yes, that's quite an opening

Yes, that's quite an opening paragraph. I can see why you wanted to share the whole thing! Hope you enjoy the book. Great teaser!

Oh, very cool. thanks for

Oh, very cool.

thanks for visiting today!


I didn't sign up for this ARC because I have so many already, but now I kind of wish I had! Great teaser. Mine is at The Crowded Leaf.


Love the title... I can feel your excitement from that teaser.

Interesting if slightly

Interesting if slightly creepy teaser. It sounds like an interesting book.

My teaser

It is an awesome

It is an awesome teaser...Enjoy your book. Here's Mine.

Adding This to My List!

I like that teaser;makes me want to read more. This is a book that I really hope to get a chance to read. Here is my teaser:


Nice teaser!

This sounds neat and I've heard of it before! Great title and cover, though.

My Teaser this week is from a sci-fi classic. You can check it out over at bookwanderer.

I like the sound of this one.

I like the sound of this one. Gets you in right in from teh set go.

here is mine http://livemorenow.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/teaser-tuesday-100223/


I have heard lots about this book, but really nothing that made me want to read it badly, until now!

My teaser is here

Very exciting teaser and I

Very exciting teaser and I love the title too

An absolutely stunning

An absolutely stunning teaser.

Awesome teaser. I'm adding it

Awesome teaser. I'm adding it to my wishlist. Mine is from Blue Food Revolution.

teaser tuesdays

Not only does that sound

Not only does that sound interesting, those are lovely sentences in and of themselves.

Thanks for stopping by earlier!