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About a month ago, Jeff Howe, the mind  behind the crowdsourcing phenomenon, announced a new project called “One Book, One Twitter”. The program aims to have the world read a book together and discuss it online.  “One Book, One Twitter,” is a book club for everyone, powered by the Internet. Participants are invited to tweet their thoughts on the yet-to-be-determined title. What a cool idea!

The winning finalists (voted by twitter followers) are

  1.  American Gods
  2.  Fahrenheit 451
  3. 1984
  4.  Brave New World
  5.  Slaughterhouse Five
  6.  Catch-22

 Four “judges choice” books will be announced later this week to round out the list to make ten finalists. Anyone can vote on which book will ultimately be the one the world will read.

The point of this—to the extent it has a point beyond good fun with a good book—is to create community across geographical, cultural, ethnic, economic, and social boundaries. The winning book selection  needs to be of general interest. It needs to be translated into many, many languages, and ideally it should be freely available.

I will follow Jeff and see what the winner is, and read the book. On Twitter the hashtag for One Book One Twitter is #1b1t and you can follow Jeff on twitter, @crowdsourcing

Voting starts to pick the winner on April 12. Join the world conversation!

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