Finalist in the 2012 International Book Awards: "Hystera" by Leora Skolkin-Smith

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Hystera by Leora Skolkin-Smith is a finalist in the 2012 International Books Awards in the "Literary Fiction" category!

Hystera“In language with the wild power of accuracy, Hystera maps a path through the landscape of trauma and illness, the feverish news of the seventies, and a character’s own indelibly vivid imagery of alarm and comfort. An eye-opening novel."Joan Silber, author of Ideas of Heaven: A Ring of Stories, finalist for the National Book Award

Hystera is a haunting, mesmerizing story of madness, longing and identity, set against one of the most fascinating times in NYC history. Skolkin-Smith’s alchemy is to inhabit her characters even as she crafts a riveting story that is nothing short of brilliant.”Caroline Leavitt bestselling author of Pictures of You

“Inside a psychiatric ward in the 1970s, Leora Skolkin-Smith’s Hystera takes you on a ride through the wilderness of a young woman’s emotional trauma and breakdown, and seizes upon the intricacies of mental health, our phobias, and fears around it. Brilliantly envisioned, this story of passion, and familial dysfunction, bears witness to an exquisite reknitting of a young woman’s soul, told in language that is brave, startling and ultimately tender and wise.”Jessica Keener, author of Night Swim

“Leora Skolkin-Smith’s new novel, Hystera, provides a very vivid sense of being in the head of someone having a psychotic breakdown, and is a powerfully useful reference book for dealing with the mental-health system. It also pungently evokes the gritty New York of the ’70s.”Robert Whitcomb, reviewer The Providence Journal


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