October 2009

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Nashville and National Reading Group Month

Last weekend was my first time in Nashville and I was in for a ride! Authors descended on the Music City (I say, Book City) for the 21st Annual Southern Festival of Books.

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Democracy and Reading Groups??


In the big picture, reading groups represent the foundations of democracy! Yes, I said it! Many people across the world aren't allowed to read what they want. Even if they manage to read an unauthorized book; they won't be able to discuss with anyone else. Reading groups offer conversation without any pressure from outside, in that, members can share ideas about anything -- the book, the author, how the book opens up to member's lives, regional issues, national issues, and world issues. I love that!

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Short Stories and book clubs

I love short stories -- characters coming alive in compact narratives. There are many short story collections that makes great reading group picks and create lively conversation.

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National Reading Group Month Rocks On!

National Reading Group Month Rocks On! Reading groups, libraries, and bookstores celebrate the joy of shared reading. I've wrote about the awesome event in Nashville. Let's go across the country reviewing all the great reading group authors who discussed their books at the WNBA's chapter events.

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Halloween Howls

I'm going to a Halloween party tonight. With the weather, I might just stay in and glance over some of my favorite Halloween stories.

Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. I am Legend by Richard Matheson. The Haunting of the Hill House by Shirley Jackson.