National Bookstore Day

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Bookstores across the country celebrated National Bookstore Day this weekend. I was a bookseller for 13 years. Covered Treasures in Monument, CO, McIntryes Fine Books and Bookends, Pittsboro, NC (Chapel Hill) and Market Street Books, Chapel Hill, NC. I loved those hours shelving books. I hate housecleaning but enjoyed the dusting of books and shelves to found new gems. 

All of my collegues would gather round every morning when the UPS guy delivered the new boxes of books! What a joyous time digging through those boxes finding new and wonderous titles.

Indie bookstores are green -- less packaging, less transportation, and a smaller carbon footprint. By paying local taxes,they help the local government  reinvest in your community. Support your neighbors and they will support you! And, along with your local libraries, indies have great reading group programs. 

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