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"Visible City" by Tova Mirvis




Please welcome author, Tova Mirvis to On the Bookcase as she tells us about her new novel Visible City!




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"All You Could Ask For" author Mike Greenberg Discusses the Influence Books Have Had on His Life

All You Could Ask ForThough ESPN’s Mike Greenberg always knew he wanted to be a sportscaster, it wasn’t until reading John Irving on a flight that he realized he’d aspire to be a writer as well. His first novel, All You Could Ask For, is available in paperback now, and follows three women as they learn the true value of compassion, sacrifice, and friendship. In the post below, Mike talks about growing up with books, a few of his favorites, and the inspiration behind All You Could Ask For.



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"Nine Fold Heaven’s Camilla: Character study and development" by Mingmei Yip



Nine Fold Heaven’s Camilla: Character study and development
by Mingmei Yip





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“Called by Silent Voices” by Shelley Fraser Mickle


Occupation of Eliza Goode



Called by Silent Voices
by Shelley Fraser Mickle





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Author On the Bookcase: Kim Wong Keltner


Tiger Babies Strike Back



Please welcome Kim Wong Keltner, author of Tiger Babies Strike Back, to On the Bookcase!




Hi Everybody! I’m Kim Wong Keltner and I’m here to tell you a little bit about my new book.

Tiger Babies Strike Back is for anyone who has heard or read about Tiger Mom parenting tactics and considers that strict style to be extreme. And NUTS.

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Book Tour Travel Secrets from Khaled Hosseini


And the Mountains Echoed


Please welcome New York Times bestselling author Khaled Hosseini to On the Bookcase as he tells us a few secrets about traveling for his new book tour of And the Mountains Echoed.



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Interview with Sophie Littlefield

Garden of Stones



Please welcome the author of Garden of Stones, Sophie Littlefield, to On the Bookcase in an exciting interview!




Garden of Stones is very different from other books you’ve published. What led to your decision to write something new, and what inspired your ideas for the story and characters in the book?

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Author On the Bookcase: Karen Lee Sobol


Twelve Weeks


Please welcome Karen Lee Sobol, author and illustrator of Twelve Weeks: An Artist’s Story of Cancer, Healing, and Hope to On the Bookcase!




“Why am I still here?”

When this question entered my mind, the answer followed at once.

“Write a book.  Try to have my experience be useful to others.”

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