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Author On the Bookcase: Ruth Downie, Author of Caveat Emptor

Author On the Bookcase
Ruth Downie

Ruth DownieWelcome, Ruth Downie, to On the Bookcase. Ruth has written the fourth novel, Caveat Emptor, in her historical mystery Medicus series (Medicus, Terra Incognita, Persona Non Grata). The series centers around a doctor and defacto investigater, Gaius Petreius Ruso and his companion, (now wife) Tilla, in 2nd century Roman-occupied Britain.

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Author On the Bookcase: Paula McLain, author of The Paris Wife

Author On the Bookcase
Paula McLain

Paula McLainI'm thrilled to welcome Paula McLain, author of The Paris Wife, to On the Bookcase. Hemingway is one of my favorite writers and have read some biographies of him. Now we can experience him through the eyes of his first wife, Hadley, in Paula's new novel.

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Author On the Bookcase: Debra Ollivier, author of What French Women Know

Author On the Bookcase
Debra Ollivier

Debra OllivierI'm so thrilled to welcome Debra Ollivier, author of What French Women Know: About Love, Sex, and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind, to On the Bookcase. Debra writes that French women don’t give a damn. They don’t expect men to understand them. They don’t care about being liked or being like everyone else. They accept the passage of time; celebrate the immediacy of pleasure; embrace ambiguity and imperfection; and prefer having a life to making a living. American women might learn the basics of the liberating alternatives from the land that knows how to love. 

Bon Jour! Comment ca va?

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Reading Group Choices Gift Books e-newsletter

Gifts for your family and friends! And, pick some up for yourself.

Reading Group Choices Gift Book E-newsletter 

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2010 National Book Awards Winners


The 2010 National Book Awards were announced today.

Here are the winners. Congratulations to all!

Young People's Literature
Kathryn Erskine
Terrance Hayes

Patti Smith
Just Kids

Jaimy Gordon
Lord of Misrule

Have you and will you read of one of the NBA awards?

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Jane Eyre Movie Trailer

This is a must-see! 

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Contest to Win Video Interview with Yann Martel

Enter to win a contest for an video interview with Yann Martel, author of Beatrice and Virgil and Life of Pi.

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Poetry Reading Group Program

The Poetry Book Society of the U.K. has just launched a new reading group program based on the shortlist for the 2010 T S Eliot Prize for Poetry. They are hoping to persuade fiction reading groups to try poetry, using the work of the poets shortlisted for the Prize.

Reading groups can download three poems from each book, together with reading group notes on the poems, a biography and photo of each poet from The Poetry Book Society website. The website will also offer readers the opportunity to vote for their favourite poet online and to take part in discussion of the shortlist.

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