Tulane University Reading Project Picks Zeitoun

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Zeitoun by Dave Eggers is the 2010 Tulane University Reading Project book selection. 

Since its inception in 2002, The Tulane Reading Project has created a shared intellectual experience for the entering first-year class through the reading and discussion of a selected book. With a variety of events scheduled throughout the fall semester, the Reading Project creates a campus-wide dialogue on a variety of themes. 

This year is the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and Zeitoun is a perfect choice for discussion. The nonfiction work centers of the saga of Syrian-American Abdulrahman Zeitoun who, after securing his family's safefy, stayed behind to help during the devasting storm -- a hero assisting his neighbors.

However, instead of earning the respect of the military forces that had been sent to the city, he inadvertently aroused their suspicion. Arrested on false charges, he was turned over to the improvised justice system that sprang up in Katrina's wake-- a system that refused to allow him even a phone call to his wife. 

Zeitoun's ordeal is the main subject of this harrowing book, while Eggers enriches the shocking tale of injustice with a richly layered account of Zeitoun's early life on the coast of Syria, his large and loving family, his relationships with his friends, employees, and neighbors.

Tulane has made a great book selection and Zeitoun would make a excellent reading group pick.

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