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Holiday Gift for Your Book Club!

Reding Guide Choices 2012Want to delight everyone in your book club with a gift at your holiday get-together? Just order a copy of the new Reading Group Choices 2012: Selections for Lively Book Discussions for everyone – and (shhhh, don’t tell anyone) save at the same time!  This month only, you can get 5 or more copies for only $2.95 each!  Order the “stocking stuffer special” online – even “mix and match” your order with editions from previous years if you want.

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Author On the Bookcase: Talia Carner


Jerusalem Maidens
Please welcome author Talia Carner. She tells us about the research behind her lastest novel Jerusalem Maiden!



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Author On the Bookcase: Adrienne Sharp

The True Memoirs of Little K
Please welcome Adrienne Sharp to On the Bookcase! She tells us about her main character in her newly released book The True Memoirs of Little K.



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Interview with author Sebastian Barry

On Canaan's Side

Please welcome
Sebastion Barry,
author of On Canaan's Side,
to On the Bookcase!



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Author Squared: Spencer Quinn and Peter Abrahams

Author Squared



Spencer Quinn
Peter Abrahams




Two Authors chat about writing, books, and everthing in between...

I am excited to welcome Spencer Quinn, author of The Dog Who Knew Too Much, and Peter Abrahams, author of Quacky Baseball, to One the Bookcase!

Take it away guys!

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Author On the Bookcase: Susanna Kearsley

The Rose GardenSusanna Kearsley, author of The Rose Garden, tells us about what writing is like for her as a reader. Welcome to On the Bookcase, Susanna!

Fill a room with writers, and you’ll find we all work differently. There’s no “right” way to write. Just as a garden can have many paths that all meet at the same central fountain, we each have our own process for finding our way to the end of a book. Some like planning, and some work to music, while I work in silence and fly by the seat of my pants.

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Author On the Bookcase: Katherine Kindred

An Accidental MotherPlease welcome author, Katherine Kindred to On the Bookcase as she offers some insight that coincides with her latest, and one of Reading Group Choices' featured books this month, An Accidental Mother. Take it away Katherine!


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Author On the Bookcase: Shelley Shepard Gray

"Why I Write Amish Fiction"The Survivor


Shelley Shepard Gray, author of The Survivor, explains why amish fiction is her choice genre!


Until we moved to southern Ohio almost twelve years ago, I had never seen a buggy. Actually, I had never thought much about the Amish. All that changed when my husband and I went on a Sunday drive just a few months after we moved here.

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