Reading a Book You Hate?

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My Friend Amy asked an interesting question a few days ago -- do you read books that you think you will hate? And, she was influenced by a post from Laura Miller. Don't you love the blog network!

In a previous post, I answer a question about how reading opens doors of learning, imagination, understanding of other worlds and times. So, if I don't read books that challenge me in one way or another -- I was disingenuous. And, I wasn't.

I belong to a reading group! Reading groups and book clubs tend to open horizons for all the readers. The diversity of the club allows diversity of reading -- stretching members minds to books they wouldn't pick up themselves. That's the beauty of book club!

Preferring genres over anothers doesn't constitute a hatred for them but I do tend to avoid them. There is no specific "genre" associated with these not-preferred books -- I know them when I see them! But, I also know that there is value in all reading. Therefore, I will accept Amy's challenge and read two books of that type in 2010 -- the fluffy commercial formulaic tugs at your heart-strings tear-jerker books!

Do you read books that you "know" you will hate? Will you join me in Amy's challenge?  

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Hate is such a strong word...LOL

I do try genres (occasionally) that I am not real fond of just to branch out a bit and see if maybe my reading taste has changed up a bit.