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American Gypsy



Please welcome Oksana Marafioti, author of American Gypsy (July 2012)! She encourages everyone to write, whether it is just thoughts or a full length novel.



Most of us have written since we were kids. We hoard journals in shoeboxes at the backs of our closets, unfinished manuscripts rubber-banded and hushed under our beds, stories we rediscover accidentally that remind us we always wanted to write.

And have you noticed that when the inspiration strikes, you often talk yourself out of it? Maybe you jot down a few notes, several pages, but in the end find a way not to finish?

Just when you think it’s gone for good, the inexplicable desire to write returns. It haunts you like a poltergeist, so volatile that you must give in and write a little to draw a semblance of peace back into your life, to prevent your family from dumping you at the nearest asylum. The urge never goes away, though, because you can’t exorcise it, and for a good reason.

This is something you absolutely must do.

If not, you’ll just keep getting signs (forgotten journals underfoot, irksome cravings, stories circling like vultures inside your head in the middle of the night.) And the source of this continued unrest dwells within that very first time you felt the need to create. What was it? Can you recall? You might have to dig very deep and very far back to the recesses of your memory, but you’ll find it eventually. It wasn’t about the money or fame, but something more complicated and remarkable and therefore, more like you.

Once you locate the source all the excuses in the world will seem fickle, and, hopefully, you will resign yourself to the fact that you really don’t have any other choice but to write something. And finish it.

To someone else your voice is hope, wisdom, truth, imagination, happiness. At times that someone is you, but no matter. The important thing is you’ll sleep better at night once you’ve surrendered. And your loved ones will get back the now completely sane rational you!

For a little while, that is…


Thanks Oksana!


Oksana MarafiotiOksana Marafioti moved from the Soviet Union when she was fifteen years old. Trained as a classical pianist, she has also worked as a cinematographer. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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Interesting idea: that

Interesting idea: that writers will be driven to write no matter what. I keep waiting for the perfect moment or the perfect idea and it hasn't happened yet. Maybe if I slowed down and paid attention to myself?