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Author On the Bookcase: Kim Wong Keltner


Tiger Babies Strike Back



Please welcome Kim Wong Keltner, author of Tiger Babies Strike Back, to On the Bookcase!




Hi Everybody! I’m Kim Wong Keltner and I’m here to tell you a little bit about my new book.

Tiger Babies Strike Back is for anyone who has heard or read about Tiger Mom parenting tactics and considers that strict style to be extreme. And NUTS.

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Author On the Bookcase: Karen Lee Sobol


Twelve Weeks


Please welcome Karen Lee Sobol, author and illustrator of Twelve Weeks: An Artist’s Story of Cancer, Healing, and Hope to On the Bookcase!




“Why am I still here?”

When this question entered my mind, the answer followed at once.

“Write a book.  Try to have my experience be useful to others.”

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Author On the Bookcase: Christine Trent

Lady of Ashes


Please welcome Christine Trent to On the Bookcase as she tells us about the fascinating research about Victorian-era funerals and undertaking she discovered while wrting her novel Lady of Ashes.



The inspiration for this book came from an unusual place: my writer friend, Mary Oldham.  Sitting together at a writing conference one day, I was musing about what kind of profession my next heroine would have.  I was considering something in the Victorian era.  Mary said to me, quite casually, “Do you know what I’ve always wanted to read about?  A Victorian undertaker.” Wow.

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Author On the Bookcase: Liza Gyllenhaal



Please welcome Liza Gyllenhaal to On the Bookcase in an interview about her novel, A Place For Us!




Where did you get the idea for this novel?

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Author on the Bookcase: Santa Montefiore

The Woman from Paris by Santa Montefiore




Please welcome Santa Montefiore, author of The Woman from Paris, to On the Bookcase in this interview!




What was your inspiration for The Woman from Paris? Did you begin with a specific character or plot idea?

I started with the house! I fell in love with a beautiful Jacobean house near where I live in the country and worked the plot around it.

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Author on the Bookcase: Margot Livesey


The Flight of Gemma Hardy


Please welcome author Margot Livesey to On the Bookcase! She tells us why she chose Jane Eyre as her muse when writing her novel, The Flight of Gemma Hardy.




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Author On the Bookcase: Christopher Tilghman

The Right-Hand Shore



Please welcome Christopher Tilghman, author of The Right-Hand Shore, to On the Bookcase! He tells us how his upbringing inspired this novel.



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Author On the Bookcase: Mette Jakobsen


The Vanishing Act


Please welcome Mette Jakobsen, author of The Vanishing Act, to On the Bookcase! Mette tells us how a documentary inspired her new novel!




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