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Book Tour Travel Secrets from Khaled Hosseini


And the Mountains Echoed


Please welcome New York Times bestselling author Khaled Hosseini to On the Bookcase as he tells us a few secrets about traveling for his new book tour of And the Mountains Echoed.



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Interview with Sophie Littlefield

Garden of Stones



Please welcome the author of Garden of Stones, Sophie Littlefield, to On the Bookcase in an exciting interview!




Garden of Stones is very different from other books you’ve published. What led to your decision to write something new, and what inspired your ideas for the story and characters in the book?

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Author On the Bookcase: Liza Gyllenhaal



Please welcome Liza Gyllenhaal to On the Bookcase in an interview about her novel, A Place For Us!




Where did you get the idea for this novel?

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Author on the Bookcase: Santa Montefiore

The Woman from Paris by Santa Montefiore




Please welcome Santa Montefiore, author of The Woman from Paris, to On the Bookcase in this interview!




What was your inspiration for The Woman from Paris? Did you begin with a specific character or plot idea?

I started with the house! I fell in love with a beautiful Jacobean house near where I live in the country and worked the plot around it.

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Author Squared: Téa Obreht & Ramona Ausubel

Author Squared




Téa Obreht
Ramona Ausubel



Téa Obreht is the author of The Tiger’s Wife, a New York Times bestseller and National Book Award finalist. Here she talks with novelist Ramona Ausubel about her experiences writing No One is Here Except All of Us.

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Interview with Tracy Chevalier

The Last Runaway



Please welcome Tracy Chevalier to On the Bookcase! This Q&A reveals the secrets behind her novel, The Last Runaway.



Your previous novels were all set in Europe. What made you decide to choose America, and more specifically, Ohio, as the setting of The Last Runaway?

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"1-On-One" with author Emily Colin




Advice, confessions, reflections, fantasies, delights and flashes of brilliance from Emily Colin, author of The Memory Thief.



Is it possible to be a good writer without being a good reader?

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"1-On-One" with author Jessica Keener




Advice, confessions, reflections, fantasies, delights and flashes of brilliance from Jessica Keener, author of Night Swim.




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Interview with "Terrorists in Love" author Ken Ballen

Terrorists in Love by Ken Ballen


Please welcome Ken Ballen, author of Terrorists in Love: The Real Lives of Islamic Radicals, to On the Bookcase! Use this interview in our book club meeting to help your discussion by delving deeper into his research for his new book.


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