Anne Tyler's New Book

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Anne Tyler's new novel is coming out in January! This is her eighteenth.

Noah's Compass is a story about Liam Pennywell, a schoolteacher, who is forced to retire at sixty-one and has to come to terms with the final phase of his life. His early retirement doesn't bother him so much -- didn't like the job at the run-down private school, anyway.

Liam is bothered by the fact that he has lost the memory of what happened the night he moved into his new condominium. All he knows when he wakes up in the hospital is that his head is sore and bandaged.

His attempts to recover his moments of his life that was stolen from him leads him on a unexpected detour. All he needs is someone to remember for him. Well, he gets something quite different that he was counting on!

Tyler lives in Baltimore and all of her stories are set in Baltimore. I live near Baltimore so I enjoy the regional character of her books. Along with, of course, her excellent writing.

All of her books are great reading group choices. Can't wait to read Noah's Compass.

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