Garth Stein and Enzo Win Big!

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The Kent Island Book Babes (my reading group) picked The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein as Best Book of 2009. The Kibbie Award for Best Character went to Enzo the dog of Art of Racing and the Kibbie Award for 2009 Best Discussion went to The Art of Racing in the Rain! Landslide! Go Garth and Go Enzo!

Our group picks the winners in a secret ballot in November and then Susan T (we have 4 Susans!), the resident artist, creates the statues. At the holiday party, the Kibbies are announced and distributed to the member(s) who picked the book. Sisters Stacey and Susan W cleaned up! There is a Kibbie for Worst Book and Worst/Most Disliked character but I won't reveal them!

After the walk down the red carpet, we had our Chinese auction and planned our schedule for 2010.

Our holiday party is always so much fun -- great people, great food, lots of laughs, and good discussions about what we read that year.  

Does your book club do anything different at your holiday party?

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