Guest Guess, Part 3

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Next week, a bestselling and fave reading group author will write a little piece for On the Bookcase. Yeah!

How about a guessing game? Hints will be put up each day about the author until the day of the author post. Please share your guess(es) in a comment and you might win a copy of the author's new book. The winner will be announced the day of the guest post. Good Luck! It is getting easier!

Hint #3. Along with single novels, guest author has written 4 series: Something Forever Series; Victoria Lesser Series: The Dream, Crosslyn Rise Series; and Blake Sisters Series.

Hint #2½. Guest author has a BA in Psychology and MA in Sociology, and in the past, has been published under two noms de plume. Along with the name currently writing under, these pen names have the same initials.

Hint #1. With over 80 novels, guest author has been writing since 1980.

Hazard a guess!! (love that expression) and share the giveaway on your blog, facebook, and twitter.

Please make an account or leave email address so we can get in touch with you if you win the book! Thanks.

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My Guess

Is it Barbara Delinsky?


It's Barbara Delinsky!

email: lauraATgmailDOTcom


Got to be Barbara Delinsky.

Guest Guess

I'm guessing Barbara Delinsky! My book club actually had an author chat with her a few years ago!


Awesome--You gave it away on the last hint !!!
Great article in Booking Mama by the way !!!!!


Is it Joyce Carol Oates? She is a one person