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Every so often, I get email and/or comments on OTB that I would like to share with you. Sometimes, more cooks in the kitchen can produce a great meal!

Karen runs a “Movie Discussion Group” at her local community center.   “Are there any resources with “suggested questions” for use when discussing movies? Thanks.”

Bonnie asks: “Any ideas for the December meeting? Christmas/holiday themes. One year we went to a play - the Christmas Carol. Last year we all brought in our favorite holiday book. Some adult, some classic, some children's. That was fun, but what should we do this year?”

Jennis comments, "I was just wondering if you could include something in your reviews about the content of the books.  I have bought many books that I have heard were good, but in reading them find that I am often offended.....I don't like to spend money on things that I feel are not in good taste...and I know that is a matter that is different to each person.  Maybe a side bar that rates these things would be good for adult books. I am not the only one who would like this.....Just a thought. : )

Any thoughts, suggestions, resources for Karen, Bonnie, or Jennis? Please comment and keep the conversation going.

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December Meetings

November and December are always a good time to think about giving back to your community. Maybe for your December meeting you could all bring a book to donate to a local literacy nonprofit, school, or library. Or raise money and go shopping together for books to donate. Your local library likely has a wish list - if you ask, you could probably get them exactly what they want. Or volunteer together to read to kids.

There are tons of books that compliment idea, too: Three Cups of Tea, Bill Clinton's Giving, The Gift of Thanks by Margaret Visser (which, full disclosure, is published by the company I work for), just to name a few.

December Book Club Meeting

Our 9 month old neighborhood book club decided to not read a book this month because we are all so busy & instead have a book swap/holiday party. We are each bringing a favorite book that we have read to exchange and afterwards we will just get to talk with each other, something we don't get enough of when we have a discussion scheduled.

My book club doesn't usually

My book club doesn't usually pick a December book either, but I really like your idea of a book exchange and will suggest it next year.