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Do you cherish a “classic book" that you want others to read and love, as well? Ten authors, including Ruth Rendell, Hari Kunru, Joanna Trollope, Colm Toibin, relate their favorite neglected classics for BBC Radio Open Book series.

One that comes to my mind is The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. It is considered to be among the first mystery novels and is widely regarded as one of the first (and finest) in the genre of 'sensation novels'. Collins gained enduring success with this Victorian thriller–even more success at the time that his mentor, Charles Dickens.

 The novel starts with a strange midnight encounter with an artist, Walter Hartright, and a ghostly woman dressed in white. Walter tells his two pupils about the encounter and the three proceed to learn anything that can about the mystifying woman in white. They soon become involved in a quagmire of crime, violence, and international intrigue. This Victorian novel is filled with surprise and suspense! A must-read for mystery buffs and literary fiction readers.

Beginning sentence: "This is the story of what a Woman's patience can endure, and what a Man's resolution can achieve.”

What are your neglected classics?

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Oldie but Goodie

My book club adored The Woman in White. It was one of our best all-time discussions. Right now I'm suggesting everyone read Jane Austen's, Lady Susan. Another short one most folks haven't encountered by a beloved author.

I just finished The Painted

I just finished The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham and thought it was an absolutely gorgeous book! My book group is reading fiction set in an Asian country and I can't wait to share it with them!