Reading Group Holiday Parties

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Bonnie asked for suggestions for her book club holiday party. One idea is to read A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote. A children's book, Capote's largely autobiographical story is a look back at his Depression-era Alabama Christmases and his best friend and older cousin, Miss Sook.

The narrator, Capote (nicknamed Buddy) and Miss Sook, a sixty-ish gentle soul, celebrate Christmas by baking fruitcake and distributing them to people known and unknown to them including President Roosevelt. This short story shows Capote's masterful ability to express and reveal the enduring friendship and love of two slightly awkard people.

No spoilers here! It's a lovely Christmas tale and will pull on your heart strings! A Christmas Memory was made into a movie twice. The original film won an Emmy for Geraldine Page, who starred as Miss Sook. Read the book, see the movie, and have everyone bring their favorite fruitcake to share!  

Conversation Starters

How does the setting and time period affect the story?

What brings Buddy and Miss Sook together?

What is memory? Do we remember things as they actually were?

Does the fruitcake imply other ideas beside food? 

What about the kites? Any symbolism there?

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Christmas books

I love the idea of reading a Christmas book for Book Club. My mother always gave me a book about Christmas each year and she always wrote a personal note on the inside. I cherish bringing out these Christmas books each year as they bring back such good memories of my mother. I will have to get the Truman Capote Christmas Memory for myself this year.