Robert's Reflections: Movies for Reading Groups Part II

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Robert Segedy (previous post of books into movies, in general) has another idea to a book-to-movie discussion for reading groups.

"So what books/films do I consider enticing enough to venture that a book club may be persuaded to do a compare and contrast?  Here is one selection that I can easily endorse for both their literary value but also for their success in meeting some of the standards that I have explained earlier.

Grapes of WrathThe Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. Winner of two Oscars, and nominated for five more; masterfully directed by John Ford, with Henry Fonda cast as Tom Joad. Ford does an amazing job of telling this tale of Great Depression hardship; the astonishing black and white cinematography vividly captures the dust blown destruction of family farms."

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I think that there would be

I think that there would be many good books/movies that book clubs could compare/discuss that would be very entertaining. Some examples are "Gone With the Wind", "The Kite Runner", "Little Women" and even "Lovely Bones".

I haven't read this book nor

I haven't read this book nor have I watched it! I feel woefully sad saying that, considering this book got plenty of rave reviews! I should read this some time soon!!