Emma and her Men

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Do you see the first episode of Emma (Masterpiece Classic) on Sunday night? Some Janeites didn't like it so much -- not enough actual Austen prose, costumes not really period-appropriate, etc. 

Jane Austen pixI'm not an expert on Jane Austen or a movie critic. I loved it! Jane Austen's works have so much great discussion points for reading groups -- class, women's lives, equality, family, manners, and irony in writing.

Masterpiece Classic has a nifty quiz to discover which bachelor from Emma is for you. I'll take it, if you take it and we'll compare!

Did you see the show on Sunday and will you watch the rest of the series? Who is your dream man of Emma Woodhouse's world -- Mr. Knightley, Mr. Churchhill, Mr. Elton, Mr. Martin?


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Emma and Her Men

I really liked this version of Emma as well. I certainly think the character of Emma is more true to Jane Austen's heroine than the Gwyneth Paltrow version. My dream man of Emma's world (according to the quiz anyway) is Mr. Knightley. However my favorite Austen hero would be Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility. What about you?

Emma's Men

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According to the quiz, my soulmate is Mr. Martin! Mr. Knightley is really my style -- I don't know what happened in the quiz. Thanks!