Favorite Discussible Books of 2009

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It's one-of-a-kind: a list of favorite DISCUSSIBLE books for book groups!

Though there are many lists of books and many book awards, not all of the books on them make for the kind of lively, fun, interesting, thought-provoking, unforgettable discussions that reading groups crave.

Well, here's your chance - join with thousands of other book group members in voting for the books did all that for your group in 2009. Reading Group Choices will compile and publish the list for you, and let you know how it compares to those chosen in previous surveys.

How do you choose books to discuss?  Does your group invite authors to participate? What do you and your group think of the e-books? The survey is up and waiting for these answers!

And when you complete the short survey, Reading Group Choices will enter your name into a random drawing for $75 to cater your next get-together!

Here's the Top Ten for 2008!

Take the survey and you might win $75!

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