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Do you remember the best summer of your life?

Summer at TiffanyMarjorie Hart's book, Summer at Tiffany, is a charming and fun memoir about Marjorie's summer of 1945, working at Tiffany & Co in New York City. She and her roommate would become the first women to work on the sales floor at Tiffany & Co. How excitingI I would love to work there -- jewels galore! Marjorie chats about her amazing summer and how amazing about book clubs are (we know that!) Welcome, Marjorie, to On the Bookcase.  

Marjorie HartIf I'd known how amazing Book Clubs were, I would have started one fifty years ago.  Now I'm finding out what I've missed. Consider the surprise one night when I knocked on the door for my first invitation.  A lovely hostess met me with a chilled stemmed glass, "Here's your Vodka Daiquiri--with a twist," she smiled, with squeals of laughter from the girls inside!  She had lifted a page from Summer at Tiffany--a night club scene in '45 when I'd tried to fit into Cafe Society.  What an opening into the book club world!

Girls--age 18-80--have welcomed me in a dozen ways: dressing in The Forties, lunching on egg-salad sandwiches, wearing their favorite pieces of jewelry (ropes of pearls, bracelets to the elbow), decorating doors like Tiffany packages or playing their favorite Judy Garland CD's.  Particularly heartwarming was the time book club members brought WWII photos of their husbands, fathers, grandfathers in uniform, or aunts who were nurses with those perky white caps. Many girls arrive dressed in Tiffany Blue, and so do I (you should see my closet!), the room awash in the trademark blue, while I bask in the conviviality of the group.

Whatever the format of the book club--and don't forget guys, too, who often belong--I love the Q&A and the stories that are shared. Books are, after all, a mode of transportation, carrying us to another time or place. And what better place to recall than that very first trip to New York City, whether it was this year or in 1945, enjoying the hottest entertainment on Broadway or seeing Frank Sinatra at the Paramount, escaping the summer heat in a penthouse pool  or in a Jantzen bathing suit at Jones Beach, shopping for a designer bag at Bergdorf's or a Dior ensemble at Bonwit Teller, meeting a date in Greenwich Village or that bar at the Astor Hotel. But always at 57th street and 5th Ave, you can find the revolving door under the Atlas Clock at Tiffany's. The same landmark, the same magic, whatever the year.

Memories and stories pour from members before  the book club hour is over.  I ask, "Are your writing your story?" With everyone so busy, compelling stories can be forgotten. Whether it's for family, friends or publication, I plead for everyone to leave a legacy of their writing. You never know what may happen!

I hope that we may meet at your book club--it's always a privilege--in person or by speaker phone.

Book Clubs are special! Thanks so much, Marjorie.

Do you remember your best summer? Please comment and you might win a large pink "diamond" key chain and a copy of Marjorie's, Summer at Tiffany

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Best Summer...

I do remember.... and of course, it involved a boy. Well - at the time - THE BOY. I can still pull up that feeling of first love - that first anticipated kiss, and of course the trying to sleep after the kiss... which was near impossible.

It was a summer of dreams - a summer of wishes.... and one I will cherish forever.

I was excited to read this post and Marjorie's thoughts. I would love to connect with her about the read a long we are doing for Word Shakers using her book. :)

Best Summer

Best summer experience I have had so far is the year I turned 40. I traveled with a friend to Europe. Fontenot and Thibodeaux experiences Europe!!!! We spent 14 days soaking up the culture and sharing times we will never forget. That summer I also participated in a professional development experience in Denver. The PD helped me grow in my profession and I formed new friendships. The experiences I had that summer helped set in motion the path that has led me to the wonderful life I have today.

My Best Summer Vacation

My best Summer Vacation was at Long Beach, North Carolina, when I was 16 or 17 years old. My parents took my best friend, Freida and I to a cabin owned by my daddy's best friend on the week of the fourth of July. Freida and I had the best time arriving at the beach and looking at the waves hitting against the sand, and the ocean beyond with the shrimp boats at a distance.
After a restful sleep, we would go with my mother to collect seashells early in the morning. We collected various, beautiful seashells, such as the Devil's Pocketbook and the Starfish shell. Then we had a tasteful breakfast of blueberry pancakes.
We swam in the ocean, sunbathed on the shore, and built sandcastles. Then after lunch, we walked to the pavilion and walked on the Yaupon Pier. Then we ate at the Seafood Restaurant. After walking back to the cabin, we sat on the porch and watched the beautiful sunset. we would read Nancy Drew books and gab until we fell asleep, listening to the peaceful waves.
We enjoyed being together, playing together, and looking at God's beautiful ocean.

My best summer

My best summer was before I hit puberty but was old enough to ride my bike to the pool with my little sister. Since I was too young to work I got to fully enjoy each summer day with lots of swimming and trips to the Dairy Queen.

My magical summer

My favorite summer is the summer my husband I got married. Not only was it my first summer as a married woman, but it was the first summer that I got to travel to another country! We spent our honeymoon in Florence, Italy and it was a magical time.

my independent summer

When I was 11, my parents let me stay with my Grandpop at his farm in upstate Pennsylvania. I felt completely independent and grown up, and loved both that feeling and the wonderful time I had pretending to be independent and grown up.

When I was 15 I had my first

When I was 15 I had my first 'real' boyfriend & still remember the butterflies in my stomach whenever we were together!

My Best Summer

Each summer seems the best to me, as I feel I'm reborn again each time the season begins. I'm a summer-baby, so I assume that's why I have such an affinity for it.

Summers from childhood were wonderful. Swimming at the pool so often that I had a lingering scent of chlorine about me all the time...eating nectarines so sweet the juice dripped down my chin...going from carnival to carnival and never once caring how many calories were in a funnel cake...

Summers from my teen years were full of romance and drama, with a delicious faux-boredom thrown in. How could we ever be bored with all the entertainment available to us? But it fit in with the angst of the age, being bored.

Summers as an adult take on a less exciting role, as I still work and rarely have time off. But there is still always the promise of hot wind in my face and hair as I drive home from work. Music turned up and a feeling of flying and freedom when the only responsibility I have is to get myself home.

All summers are wonderful. Each one is its own lifetime and stays that way, encapsulated forever.

Best Summer

I think my best summer was the one right before my wedding. There was so much excitement with the planning and all of the showers!

Summary at Tiffany

The book sounds great! I hope I win. My favorite summer was the year I graduated from High School and my parents sent me to England for a month to spend time with family there. I stayed with my grandfather and really got to know him. We went on road trips to visit other family and to see his mother's thatched cottage. Amazing memories that I will cherish forever. I

Best summer was probably when

Best summer was probably when I was 20 years old-my girlfriend and I packed our backpacks, bought a Train pass and airlines tickets to Paris-We backpacked around Europe for 4 weeks and then I headed to Malta for another 4 weeks before flying through Paris again on my way home. I had so much fun-seeing all the countries, trying new food, meeting other backpackers and discovering the art of Europe.

I do remember being 7 and going to Malta-we landed in Paris and had a layover in Nice-when I saw the Coast I said I would return one day. I was not disappointed when I did.

Do you have a link for BH. Literary Escape-I have misplaced my flyer and I want to mark it on my calender.