Do You Like Illustrated Books? Booking Through Thursday

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Booking Through Thursday

Booking through Thursday


Question of the Day. How do you feel about illustrations in your books? Graphs? Photos? Sketches?

For the most part, I like my imagination to run wild picturing the characters, settings, creatures, etc. in reading fiction. Though. I don't mind illustrations in books if they add value. Maps serve a great pupose in guiding me across the book's journeys. The black and white drawings in Pride and Prejudjice and Zombies were hilarious and added some much to the story!

Poetry is hard for me. Illustrations found in poetry titles sometimes assist me in getting the feeling and nuance of the words 

Many nonfiction books require charts and graphs. Also, photos include in nonfiction titles grab me to be included in the story.  

Of course, graphic novel, picture books, art books, and comic book are a given.

So, all in all, illustrations in fiction books -- mainly, no. Nonfiction -- mainly, yes.

What is your take?

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Random House's Super New Illustrators

If you've noticed over the past 2-3 years, the standard of illustrated children's text from RH's childrens division is stellar. So cool, my niece loves them all. I work for a book publishing company in Houston, and we the whole design/art dept acknowledges just how great Random House is.

I didn't even think about

I didn't even think about maps, but they are a huge help, whether in fiction or non-fiction! Not all fiction needs them, but they're usually helpful in the epic fantasies I read, and it's also useful if I'm reading about a country that I don't know anything about.

Great answers. I can tell you

Great answers. I can tell you really thought this through! I didn't even think about how helpfull it is in non-fiction books!

Good answer! I agree that

Good answer! I agree that most nonfiction books really need illustrations. But I like them in fiction, too. I'm not really bothered if the artist's imagination is different from mine - I still like to have graphics to look at.

We of the same mind I think.

We of the same mind I think. I think that for adult fiction, I rather they didn't have pics. Non-fiction needs them. Here's mine.

I don't mind them, if it fits

I don't mind them, if it fits in with the book.