Laura Brodie, The Widow's Season @VABOOK March 19

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The Widow's SeasonLaura Brodie's debut novel, The Widow's Season, was inspired by her UVA dissertation on widows in English literature. The first line in The Widow’s Season is “Sarah McConnell's husband had been dead for three months when she saw him in the grocery store.” Is the apparition a natural reaction to grief or something else? The review in Publisher Weekly states “Brodie expertly walks the line between reality and fantasy, life and death, heartache and love, leaving readers hoping for the best and prepared for the worst -- without ever really knowing the truth -- until the final five pages.”

Laura, along with Masha Hamilton (31 Hours), Mary Sharratt (Daughters of the Witching Hill), and Sheila Curran (Everyone She Loved) will be on the reading group panel moderated by ME on Friday, March 19, 12 noon at VABOOK in Charlottesville. These women are loads of fun and they will  discuss their books with the book club audience.   

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