Masha Hamilton Virginia Festival of the Book, March 19

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Masha Hamilton will be chatting about her book, 31 Hours, on March 19 at the Virginia Festival of the Book. (Details below) 

31 HOURS31 Hours tells the story of a young man pondering his new faith and his special mission. Over the next 31 hours, he prepares for the violent action he means to do when the subways are the most crowed. This is also the story about his family and friends knowing something is wrong with him. But it can't be that bad, can it? The novel reveals the isolation of a man and the helplessness and frantic hope of somehow reaching him before it is too late.  

NO SPOILERS!! excellent book with great themes for reading groups -- motherhood, love, family, disconnection and isolation, spirituality, fanaticism, divorce, parenting.

Panelists with Masha Hamilton: Laura Brodie (The Widow's Season), Shelia Curran (Everyone She Loved), Mary Sharratt (Daughters of the Witching Hill)


March 19, Friday 12 Noon
The Southern Cafe and Music Hall
103 S. First Street, Charlottesville

Here's Masha talking about 31 Hours



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Masha Hamilton

I had the pleasure of reading the book and hearing her speak at Quail Ridge Books a few months ago. This is an intriguing book full of memorable characters; Hamilton is a great speaker.