Sheila Curran, Everyone She Loved, VABOOK! March 19

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Sheila Curran chats about her new novel, Everyone She Loved, this week on the Virginia Festival of the Book! With Laura Brodie (The Widow's Season), Masha Hamilton (31 Hours), and Mary Sharratt (Daughters of the Witching Hour), Sheila will appear at the reading group panel on Friday, March 19, 12 Noon, The Southern Cafe and Music Hall in Charlottesville. COME ON DOWN!

Everyone She LovedIn Everyone She Loved, Penelope Cameron has convinced her husband and four closest friends to sign an outlandish pact. If she should die before her two daughters are eighteen, her husband will not remarry without the permission of Penelope’s sister and three college roommates. For years, this contract gathers dust until the unthinkable happens—a disaster that only lovable, worrisome Penelope could have predicted—and everyone she loved is left in a world without her.

Entertaining and uplifting, Everyone She Loved explores the faith one woman placed in those she held dearest, the care she took to protect her family, the many ways in which romantic entanglements will confound and confuse even the most determined of planners, but above all, the abiding strength of friendship. Perfect conversation for reading groups!

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