John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee, and Sunny Florida

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Just got back from sunny Sarasota! We went to a wedding of our friends' son. The bride and grooming were beaming and a good time was had by all.

The Deep Blue Good-ByBeing in Sarasota reminded me of John D. MacDonald, the author of the great character, Travis McGee. I love MacDonald's Florida -- a little bit sleazy and a little bit racy storylines along with description of the gorgeous landscapes and seascapes. McGee, the salvage consultant, made his living by recovering the loot from thefts and swindles, keeping half to finance his "retirement," which he took in pieces as he went along. A latter-day capitalist Robin Hood! McGee first appeared in the 1964 novel The Deep Blue Good-by and was last seen in The Lonely Silver Rain in 1985. McGee had his trademark lodgings on his 52-foot houseboat, the Busted Flush, named for the poker hand that started the run of luck in which he won her. Wit and mystery centered in all 21-volumes of the Travis MaGee series.

I think I will read them again! 

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