Sisters of the Traveling Computers: Second Installment of Novel-in-Progress

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Second Installment!
Sisters of the Traveling Computers

Eight great writers are going to produce a progressive novel -- like a progressive dinner! Each one will write a couple paragraphs in round robin style without discussing it with each other. This novel-in-progress will continue through the rest of the year. The scribes are Eleanor Brown (The Weird Sisters), Heidi Durrow (The Girl Who Fell From the Sky), Siobhan Fallon (You Know When The Men are Gone), Therese Fowler (Exposure), Tanya Egan Gibson (How to Buy a Love of Reading), Caroline Leavitt (Pictures of You), Sarah Pekkanen (Skipping a Beat), and Rebecca Rasmussen (The Bird Sisters.) All great books for reading groups!

First installment (May 15)

By midnight, he still wasn’t home. Or he wasn’t picking up the phone, which he knew would make her frantic with worry. She couldn’t leave the Martin’s now. Already, Mrs. Martin had told her that just cleaning up after the party wasn’t enough, that she wanted her to also redust (redust!) the figurines on the mantle because “You didn’t take enough care last time.” Should she tell Mrs. Martin how Mr. Martin groped her as she trying to arrange the baby chocolate éclairs on a plate? Should she tell her how Bobby, Mrs. Martin's son, called her a stupid bitch and kicked her out of his room so she wouldn’t catch him doing Jesus knows what?

She wasn’t supposed to use her phone when she was working, but she dialed again.  Maybe he was with Bette, his terrifying girlfriend. Maybe he was walking again, clearing his head about what had happened.

Second Installment (June 22)

Mystery NovelMaria wasn’t ready to become a grandmother at 42. And that was what she said first when--with his lips trembling—Mark told her that Bette was pregnant. She should have held him. He looked so scared. How could her teenage son become a father before he had a chance to become a man?

That was just five weeks ago, and now she wouldn’t have to be a young grandmother. She wouldn’t have to watch Mark struggle to take care of a family too young. Why couldn’t Mark see the miracle in this moment?

The phone went to voicemail again.

It was a thirty-minute drive home from the Martin’s. Let him be home by then, she thought. Just please let him be safe.

The first eight installments will be anynomous as the writers would like to guess who is writing that passage solely on sytle of writing. How fun!

Third installment will be in early July!

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