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An Accidental MotherPlease welcome author, Katherine Kindred to On the Bookcase as she offers some insight that coincides with her latest, and one of Reading Group Choices' featured books this month, An Accidental Mother. Take it away Katherine!


My book, “An Accidental Mother,” includes a record of some of the humorous things kids tend to do and say.  I’ve had many readers tell me, “I wish I would have written down my favorite memories.”  Sure, there are scrapbookers and bloggers and diarists who do a pretty good job of memorializing their lives, but for those of us less formally motivated, I have a few tips for preserving the special moments in your life.

Tip #1.
Always keep paper and pen or pencil (or crayon, or lip liner, or eye pencil, etc.) close by.  I buy a half dozen 3x5 inch notebooks and a box of ballpoint pens and keep them paired in my purse, car, bathroom drawer, kitchen drawer and nightstand.  If by chance I still don’t have a notebook handy, I’ve used napkins, gum wrappers, dry cleaning tickets, grocery receipts, and the like.

Tip #2
You don’t have to write an essay.  Just write key words or a few short sentences highlighting the event you want to remember – it’s usually enough to trigger the entire memory later. Write it down as soon as you can.  And don’t forget to date it.  If you decide to put the stories together more formally at a later date, it will be helpful to be able to put everything in chronological order. 

Tip #3
Keep your notes all in one place – a special drawer, a photo box, hat box, shoebox, etc.  Someday you may gather up the notes and write your memoirs or decide to organize your memories in a scrapbook or diary.  And then again, you may not.  What’s important is that this is a simple way to be able to endlessly revisit the special moments of your life.


Thanks Katherine! The Mesquite Local News says, "This is not just a 'mom’s book'; it will ring true with anyone who cherishes a child that’s not theirs. If that’s you, beware: this is a book you’ll love."


Katherine Kindred


Katherine Kindred has been previously published in the Literary Journal Memoir (and).  She lives in Phoenix with her dog, Sophie.  This is her first book.

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I have read the books of Katherine..They are simply amazing..They are very emotional and interesting at the same time..I liked it a lot..Congrats to your writing..