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Hi everyone! I’m Laura and will be continuing the blog my Aunt Barbara loved so much. Whether it is an author interview, a new intriguing book, or even a dress made out of book pages, I look forward to sharing and discussing all aspects of book clubs with all you book lovers! Click here to learn more about me.

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Laura, Please extend my

Please extend my condolences to all of your and Barbara's families. She was present at one of Nancy Olson's (owner of the fabulous Quail Ridge Bookstore in Raleigh, NC) book club bashes. My impression of Barbara was that she seemed to have a aura of calmness and peacefulness about her. How could I get that feeling in the 37 seconds (a wild guess) that we spoke? When Nancy told us about Barbara's recent death there was a collective "oh, no" from the group of about 100.

Welcome Laura, so sorry about

Welcome Laura, so sorry about your aunt. I met her at BEA in NYC in 2010. We only spent an evening together-that evening cemented a friendship. Last year when she was in Beverly Hills she invited me to stay with her and help out with the book event. We were up much too late gabbing in bed while in our PJ's.

She was a special lady and I will miss her dearly. If you need a guest post do not hesitate to contact me.

Welcome aboard & so sorry about Barbara!

Laura, how wonderful to have worked with your smart and savvy aunt! We're all looking forward to you continuing her inspiring work. I was hoping to seeing her at the Book Club Bash just a few weeks ago at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh. QRB's owner and guiding light Nancy Olson told us of her passing. So sad!

I hope you'll come to QRB for the next book club bash. With sympathy and good wishes,



Great news Laura! Can't wait to read your blog.

I'm so glad to see Barbara's

I'm so glad to see Barbara's work continue here on RGC. I will certainly miss her though, especially at the upcoming Baltimore Book Festival. That's how I first met her, and she and I tried to get together there each year. We were planning to do dinner with a few other bloggers this time around. Things certainly won't be the same without her.