Barbara Drummond MeadReading was Barbara’s life – she was born reciting Pat the Bunny! Having worked at a small publisher and three independent bookstores, she decided she wanted to work for HERSELF! In 2004, she took responsibility for Reading Group Choices! She always thought that she couldn’t have found a better niche and often said, “Working with publishers, authors, reading groups, book stores, libraries – what more can a book-lover ask!”

When she wasn’t reading, she was having fun with friends or family, although she would sometimes watch trash TV as a diversion. She lived with her cat, Aspen Leif, (and, oh yeah, me – her husband) “on an island in the Chesapeake Bay.” (She loved saying that, because it sounded so fancy!)

In her lifetime, she belonged to three different reading groups in three different locations. Each one had its own personality, and she loved them all.

Alas, we had to say goodbye to Barbara on August 23, 2011, when she died suddenly and unexpectedly from a brain hemorrhage.  But she trained her niece, Laura, well. She and I have both been in contact with a great many of Barbara’s book friends, among them publishers, authors, booksellers, book group members and book lovers, all of whom have graciously offered to honor Barbara’s love of books with guest posts and materials for her blog.

So On the Bookcase will be just as vibrant and interesting as ever.  Please join the conversation, and tell us about your reading group world or any other book banter!

—Charlie Mead

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